The intersection of time and timeless

is the moment we are in. Someone said that. I forget who.

I spend my life running from A to B, and I enjoy being busy. As for the purpose of my life, it’s something that I should have an answer to, and don’t.

Tillich’s ‘courage to be in spite of’ mantra makes sense, but I forget Mr T’s wisdom in the heat of an angry word, in the moment of desire, in doubt, and in the tidal wave of things that need to be done every day.

Perhaps my purpose, my meaning, is in the moment, is in a particular moment where I have a role to play in the pattern of time. Or perhaps it is the mundane moments rather than a point of crisis, listening, forgiving, trusting, putting one foot in front of the other.

There were two trees in the myth of Eden, and there are two trees inside of me. Franky two-trees, that’s me. The tree of knowledge is the stupid tree. The tree of life is the tree of death.

The intersection of time and the timeless is the food I eat.

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