The Reunion of Broken Parts

Algebra is the latinised version of Al jabr, which means reunion of broken parts in Arabic. There is something graceful in an equation, a balance, X=Y, but the star of the show, the equals sign, is often overlooked.

The equals sign is the wild magic, the transmitter, the line between yin and yang, the pause between the musical notes, the dynamic, the accelerator.

DNA is a function of two strands that run anti-parallel to each. Without the nucleotide bonds to hold the structure together the building block of life would tear itself apart.

Lao Tzu writes, ‘Tao gave birth to One, One gave birth to Two, Two gave birth to Three, Three gave birth to all the myriad things.’ Kurt Lewin describes the id, the ego, the super ego and the tension between what one is and what one aspires to be. As with every aspect of the human experience, there is both light and darkness: Viktor Frankl examines the ‘tragic triad’ in his book Man’s Search for Meaning, exploring the subject of death, pain, and guilt.

Meaning matters, change is the only constant, and what you do is what you are. That all sounds like bland selfish help shit. And yet the broken parts have to be reunited. Being / becoming / be. Leadership / values  / management. Purpose / dynamic / motoric action. Noun / adjective / verb. Why / how / what.

The opposite of the tragic triad is life, love, forgiveness. Whether Moses met God on top of the mountain is anyone’s guess. But the answer to ‘Who are you?’ … ‘I am’… is a beautiful answer. ‘I am’ is the birth of myriad things, it is yin and yang, the essential human equation.

What I do defines my life, what I believe in (what I really believe in, not what I say I believe in) is the context for my actions. In the middle are my values: they might be multiple nucleotides that hold the antiparallel forces together, or they might be a crock of shit that I abandon when my temper is up, when I want to fuck someone who isn’t my wife, when I want to abandon thinking and embrace certainty (political, national, religious, sport…), when I despair and see only extinction upon my death.

The source code is the great joy of living.

The source code fucks you up.

But I guess its all about balance and the reunion of those broken parts inside of me.



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