Places to Die

Between now and was

Between now and is not

Lies our capacity to reason


The four chambered heart is mine

Two hearts in one chest

One of death, one of life


The heart of death is always looking for places to die

In work, things to buy, in an orgasm, in a sports game

The heart of death wants and needs


The heart of life is fed by love

That love is ice cold and demands everything

The heart of life puts others before self


But who gives a fuck about others

When I want a flat white coffee now

When I need to charge my phone and there’s no goddam socket!


Rage is mine

It makes me good at my job

I want to keep it


Every now and then it spills over

Acidic to those it touches

Causing burns that are slow to heal


Lust is mine

Corralled inside a marriage

The wild horse circles inside


Doubt is my sardonic, acerbic sidekick

I tell him I don’t believe in unbelief

Doubt laughs and says I’m a prick


Fear eats at my guts

Fearing the loss of those I love

Fearing the arrival of the stranger


A place to die isn’t just a quarry

a river, or a stream

a motorway bridge, or a train-line


A place to die is the

Non-being I chose for myself

I want to die


I really do

To cling to Nietzche’s earth

To scorn false piety


My friends don’t believe in God

The churches of abused children are closing

The world moves on into


The reality of good and evil

Where there’s no such thing as perspective

Just famine, war, sickness and poverty


But we made that you and I

We’re responsible

By willing to death


The courage to be in spite of


being an hypocritical asshole


Love is hearing

helping someone to heal their self



Hope is seeing potential in someone else, everyone else




Courage is following

the pattern



Trust reaching out

taking that step



I sit in a Tesco

Writing this crap whilst drinking a Costa coffee

I need a piss


Then I have groceries to buy

A shirt to iron

And the dog needs a walk


Places to die

Friendly places to die

Fuck eternity









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