Choose Your Own Way

You can read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nuns, develop an 8-stage of Change Management programme, follow the 12 step programme, and gradually disappear up your own backside.

Too often the effect of management gurus, personal development megastars, coaching and selfish help celebrities is to create dependence instead of encouraging us to think for ourselves.

And that’s true for religious leaders and politicians. They leave us cripples instead of encouraging us to grow our own legs.

It isn’t about my four step programme, its about yours. Blake had his Four Zoas, his four-fold city: Golgonooza, London, Jerusalem, Babylon. Alan Moore took Blake’s idea of the spiritual city and used it as the inspiration for ‘Jerusalem,’ a book about his hometown, Northampton. Angeles Arrien writes about the paths of the warrior, the teacher, the healer and the visionary, in her book ‘The Four Fold Way.’ Maybe there is something to the fourfold ‘strength, faith, hope and love’ angle that defines the human existence.

Or maybe it’s not ‘four’ at all – instead it could be five quadrants, or six triangles, or seven interlocking circles… what’s important is that we own it, that it s the product of our successes and failures, not the summary from page 17 of the international airport lounge best-seller ‘Scotch Broth for the Heart.’

The non-creative urge is to conform; the protagonist creates by building their own self. This is the true spirt of existentialism. This strength is best defined by Paul Tillich as ‘the courage to be despite our own non-being.’ So throw your psyche, bullshit, train-seat fodder, crack-literature in the trash where it belongs.

It isn’t my 12 part structure… I’ll share what my view is over the coming days and weeks in this blog… it’s your structure that counts. Smash mine and everyone else’s and rebuild it for yourself.

Then burn your copy of ‘The Secret.’


  1. Wish I could like this a thousand times. I’ve been saying to many spiritualists in my circle (I don’t even like identifying as spiritual because it’s seemingly become another form of religion) that it’s not “achieving” enlightenment. This isn’t a road or a journey. If you “want” enlightenment: BE IT. If you’re following someone else’s footsteps, even if they take you up the mountain: you did not walk your own path. The Buddha spoke of desirelessness not that we cannot want anything but that to want places out of our reach. Being and wanting are two totally different states of power and enlightenment.

    Not to mention, everyone’s 6385 steps to wiser/better/faster garbage is copied garbage from someone else. It’s not that it’s bad, per se except for how it ends up misused. Alan Watts said “it’s like having your watch stolen and sold back to you. And as long as you’re willing to allow it to happen you deserve it!
    A lot out there is an equivalent of a pyramid scheme for your soul. I’ll pass! Great great post!!!! Look forward to reading more!

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    1. Thank you for the comment, very much appreciated. I totally agree with you that it’s not achieving enlightenment; it’s never arriving, always becoming, growing, learning, loving, life as a journey and not a destination. I know I’m drifting into the soundbite territory that I decry, but it comes back to Ghandi’s comment that we should become the change we want to see in the world.

      Thank you again for the comment and your thoughts, they’ve helped inspire tonight’s blog…


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