The Good Taxi Driver

A girl called Johnny goes on a date with a man she meets through a love-match website. The last thing she remembers of that Saturday night in Manchester is the drink he gives her in the all-night café bar.
The next morning, she wakes up in in a strangers bed. Her body screams in pain. Bruised, bleeding, crying, she gathers her clothes, escapes, and gets the first tram to the Bury Interchange. Realising she has no purse and no money, she dodges the ticket collection man and begins the long walk home to Jericho. It is eight a.m. Sunday morning. She’s bleeding heavily now. Passing Our Lady of Best Intentions, Johnny collapses over the top of a low hedgerow into the church memorial garden.
Widowed Mrs Prospect is dressed in her Sunday best. She sees a drunken girl asleep in a bush, a pool of vomit underneath her. She hurries past to make it in time to get her favourite pew at the eight-thirty Eucharist.
Good Atheist Declan O’Carroll comes out of the paper shop with a kilo of intelligent Sunday reading under his arm. He sees the girl and is horrified by yet another example of anti-social behaviour from the nation’s youth. It is high time the government got to grips with this problem, he tells himself. O’Carroll passes by, composing an angry letter to the local council inside his head as he goes on his way.
Adam and Mohammed Rashid came out of the office of Rainbow taxis. The two brothers see the girl; Adam has just finished cleaning up a puddle of vomit left in his cab at 4 a.m. by a drunken Englishman who says ‘sorry Paki’, and throws his fare over the seat, the coins spilling all over the front of the taxi.
‘Just another pissed white bitch,’ said Adam, ‘leave her there.’
‘No, I think she’s hurt,’ says Mohammed.
Mohammed goes over to her, places her in the recovery position, and saves her life as she weakly coughs up the vomit blocking her throat. He calls for an ambulance, and goes with her to Fairfield hospital.

There, Johnny is able to tell the authorities about the drugging, what little she remembers of the rape and her subsequent escape.

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