There’s a whole debate out there on gay rights, feminists rights, and the right of individuals to live as the sex they know they were born to be.

Sexual identity is a complex thing, it waxes and wanes for some, for others they’ve always been sure.

The Christian churches are in a mess over the whole issue. Catholicism says to be born homosexual is not a sin, but being an active homosexual is. I can’t even tell you the position of the Anglican church as it seems utterly confused.

Gay rights are a recent thing in the UK, before the 60’s you would have been prosecuted for gay sex. All around the world, Gay people are persecuted by governments that imprison and torture, and religious extremists who advocate throwing homosexuals from tall buildings – keep out, danger of death!

Christ said that what you bind on earth is bound in heaven, I get the sense he was delegating responsibility to his earthly organisation. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would disagree with that interpretation, but there you go, that’s my take on it. Get married people, enjoy your lives together with someone you love.

In England we’ve spent a thousand years fighting kings, invaders, dictators from Spain, France, Germany, fighting ourselves, to gain our precious freedoms. This shit is important.

The vulnerable women who are worried by the men self-identifying as women and using women-only facilities, have a point, and they need to be protected; the hard-core feminists who label transsexuals as men in skirts, do not.

Such are the intricacies of our hard-won freedoms.

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